If you have purchased and made some of my patterns, you can send picture to for publication
in this section of my website.

Zebra by Angela

Lilka by Edyta Wyciechowska

Peppa&George Pig by Marzena Gajda

Mimi Giraffe by Marzena Gajda

Panda Teddy Bear by Nice Moraes

 Mikmik Sleepy Bunny by Sai

 Mikmik Sleepy Bunny by Sai

Teddy Bear by Trish Dwyer

Masha by Katerina Maletzidu

Masha by Katerina Maletzidu

Lula by Tali Mass

Cat Matt by Patricia Lucas

Seal by Sammie Edgar

Koko by Damedoune
Panda by Barbara Gluj

Peppa Pig by Emi
Peppa Pig by Emi

Hippo by Sapie Van Schepen
Cat Matt by Sapie Van Schepen

Teddy Bear like a Fizzy Moon by Tary
Bunny like a Fizzy Moon by Tary

Judy Rigali
Judy Rigali

Grasshopper by Damedoune

Jolly Lucy by Ewa Matyjaszczyk

Teddy Bear like a Fizzy Moon by Rita Braks