Forget-me-not. Free Pattern!!!

Forget-me-not. Free Pattern!!!

Forget-me-not rattle and teething crochet pattern

You will need:
  • Yarns 100% cotton 50gr +/-155m/170y: Blue approx 6g / Green approx 4g / Light Green approx 1g
  • Sirdar Snuggly Snowflake Chunky: yellow approx 5g
  • Crochet hook size: 2.00mm, 4.00mm
  • Polyester toy stuffing
  • Thread: navy blue
  • Plastic baby teething ring : blue (oval 5x6.5 cm)
  • Plastic sleigh bell
Level:beginner/basic skills of crocheting are needed.
Size of the finished toy: 12 cm (4.72 inches) high.

Julio Toys uses American crochet terminology

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
st - stitch
sl st - sleep stitch
dec - sc next 2 stitches together
inc - sc in indicated stitch 2 times
rnd(s) - round(s)

1. The pattern is worked using the amigurumi method of crochet. Work the simple single crochet stitches continuously in a spiral without closing off each round with a slip stitch.

2. You may find it helpful to use a stitch marker in the first stitch of each round, moving it up as you work.

3. Please contact me, if any problem:

4. You can use different/yours favourite yarn colour.

My patterns are for PERSONAL use only. Please don’t share, reproduce (photos included), and sell this pattern or don’t sell creations coming out from this pattern. Feel free to make as many you would like for yourself or to give as gifts, but please respect my rights as a designer.

5. My web site is the only place where you can load the pattern legally. I do not give permission for copying, translation, distribution and sell this pattern. It is registered and copyrighted. Thank you very much and enjoy this pattern!!

The middle of the flower 

Use a yellow yarn and hook 4.0 mm. size.
Don't forget to mark the first stitch to make the work much easier.

Make a magic ring.

1rnd.   » (sc) x6 (6sc)
2rnd.   » (inc) x6 (12sc)
3rnd.   » (sc, inc) x6 (18sc)
4rnd.   » (sc, inc) across (18sc)
5rnd.   » (2sc, inc) x6 (24sc)
6-8rnd.   » (sc) across (24sc)(3rnds)
9rnd.   » (dec, 2sc) x6 (18sc)
10rnd.   » (sc) across (18sc)

Stuff the middle of the flower. Put a plastic sleigh bell inside.

11rnd.   » (dec) x6 (6sc)

Break the yarn and make sure you leave enough yarn to close the middle of the flower.

Flower petals (make 10 of them)

Use a blue yarn and hook 2.00 mm size.

Make a magic ring.

1rnd.  »  (sc) x5 (5sc)
2rnd.  » (inc) x5 (10sc)
3rnd   » (sc, inc) x5 (15sc)
4-6rnd.  » (sc) across (15sc) (3rnds)
7rnd.  » (dec, sc) x5 (10sc)

Do not stuff the flower petal. Work all petals the same way.

Use a green yarn and hook 2.00 mm size.
8rnd.  » crochet the flower petals together (50sc = 5 sc each petal)

9rnd.  » (sc) across (50sc)

Break the yarn and make sure you leave enough yarn to sew on later the flower petals to the middle of the flower.

Leaves (make 2 of them)

Use a green (or light green) yarn and hook 2.00 mm size.
1rnd.  » 9ch 

2rnd.  » skip one ch, 1sc, 1hdc, 4dc, 1hdc, (1sc, 1ch,1sc) in one ch,
change the side, 1hdc, 4dc, 1hdc, 1sc, 1sl st
Break the yarn and make sure you leave enough yarn to sew on later the leaf to the ring. Work the second leaf the same way.

Cover baby teething ring

Use a green yarn and hook 2.00 mm size.

1rnd.  » 31ch change the side

2-8rnd. » 30sc, 1ch change the side (7rnds)

9rnd.  » take the ring and crochet the first round and the last one together (30sc) to cover the ring.
Don´t forget change measures of the cover if different ring.


1. Sew on the petals to the middle of the flower.

2. Sew on the flower to the covered ring.

3. Sew on leaves to the ring.

4. Embroider the eyes. 

Your Forget-me-not is finished!!!